Caulking applications are an important component of every new construction project. Just Caulk It works with contractors, architects, engineers and project managers to provide careful application and selection of materials as well as mock ups and colour matching for every build.

Some examples of applications include:

  • Eifs to brick, stone and aluminum
  • Masonry control joints
  • Man and overhead doors
  • Horizontal expansion joints in eifs
  • Vertical joints
  • Sidewalk to grade
  • Window joints
  • Hardy board joints
  • Saw cuts, perimeter, and control joints on new concrete floors
  • All interior caulking from stairwells, kitchens to washrooms
  • Barricades (on bridges, railways ect.)
  • Road expansion joints

Just Caulk It provides free estimates and expert advice on material selection for your project.


We specialize in:

Repairing sidewalk gaps  – extend the life of your concrete sidewalks by preventing water from seeping between the sidewalk and the building.
Re-caulking can also prevent weed growth,  increase curb appeal and improve safety for your customers.

Re-Caulking of exterior penetrations – including window and door perimeters, concrete precast, masonry and stucco control joints. Our specialized application protects your finished concrete floor from spalling and premature wear on expansion joints. Once the material is pumped into the joint, the excess is shaved off to be even with the floor. This allows for smooth travel over joints and creates protection of joints where heavy equipment such as forklifts or heavy loads are being moved over the joints.

Re-caulking adds a professional finished look to your warehouse floor and has a quick curing time.

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